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How idemeum app works

How idemeum app works

High level overview of idemeum mobile application

What is idemeum mobile app?

idemeum mobile application becomes your secure multi-factor biometric key to access any corporate application. It provides access to corporate Single Sign-On applications as well as password-based applications.

  1. Passwordless - with idemeum mobile app you are not using any passwords to access applications. Instead, you leverage biometrics to access corporate resources. For instance, when you launch SSO application, you will receive a notification to your mobile device. Upon approval and performing a biometric scan, access to application will be granted.
  2. Multi-factor - idemeum offers secure access to applications, as every login is protected by multiple authentication factors (MFA). In the identity industry it is called Passwordless MFA. idemeum leverages something you have (your phone) and something you are (your biometrics) to log you into applications.
  3. Decentralized - when you install idemeum mobile application you verify your identity claims, such as email address, phone number or ID document. When you add your personal information to idemeum mobile application, the data is encrypted and stored on your mobile device. We do not store any of your personal information in our cloud. Therefore, idemeum offers decentralized design.

How to use idemeum app for login?

idemeum supports login across device types and platforms. You have two options to login into application with idemeum:

  1. Login with QR code - you access corporate application portal and scan QR code with idemeum mobile app. After you approve and perform biometric scan, access to application will be granted.
  2. Login with push notification - notification will be sent to your mobile device. Once you approve and perform biometric scan, you will be able to access application.

Quick app overview

Let's review major idemeum application functionality.

1. Home

Home screen is where you can immediately access your applications with a simple click. Great thing about idemeum is that it aggregates all SSO and password-based applications in a single place. If you click on SSO application, it will launch seamlessly without any passwords. If you launch password based application, it will launch, password will be auto-filled, and you will be logged in.

2. Profile

In profile section you can add your verified digital identity claims. These claims will be used to onboard you into your organization. idemeum supports verifying the following personal claims:

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Government issued ID

3. Login

Clicking on Login will open the camera to scan the QR code.

Once you scan a valid QR code you will be redirected to login approval screen. On that screen you will be able to approve login and perform biometric scan.

4. Activity

Activity is a section where you will see information about various application activity, such as adding a new email address, or logging into an application.

5. Settings

In the settings section you will be able to set up your application security settings and get information about application version and your decentralized identifier (DID).

  1. Security settings - you will be able to configure additional security settings, such as requiring additional biometric scan every time idemeum app is open.
  2. Share feedback - you will be able to share suggestions and requests with idemeum team
  3. Request help - this section will present options for how to contact idemeum team
  4. Recovery code - in case your device is lost or stolen, you will be able to recover your data only with recovery code. In this section you will have an option to print your recovery QR code or save it to cloud storage.
  5. About - information about your app: version, your unique identified (DID), and where the crypto keys are stored.

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