How idemeum app works

How idemeum app works

What is idemeum app?

idemeum mobile app is your biometric key to any corporate resource.

You set up idemeum mobile app once and then use it login to any application that you need to perform your job. idemeum supports Single Sign On applications, shared accounts, as well as password based apps.  

How do you login?

idemeum supports login across device types and platforms. You have two options to login into application with idemeum:

  1. By scanning a QR code: you access corporate application portal and scan QR code with idemeum mobile app.
  2. By approving a login notification: you approve notification that is sent to your mobile device.
Each login is passwordless and multi-factor. For every login you are using your device (i.e. crypto certificate securely stored on a device) and your biometrics (such as face scan or thumbprint).
Passwordless SSO apps - desktop browser login

Quick app overview

Let's review major idemeum application functionality.

1. Home

Home screen is where you will be receiving updates from us on what new functionality is available. We will soon include ability to access your applications right from home screen.

2. Profile

In profile section you can add your verified digital identity claims.

There are two subsections:

  • Personal - you can add and verify your personal claims such as email address and phone number here
  • ID Document - you can add and verify you driver's license or passport in this subsection.
Information that you add is only stored on mobile device. We do not store any of your personal information in our backend.

3. Login

Clicking on Login will open the camera to scan the QR code.

Once you scan a valid QR code you will be redirected to login approval screen. On that screen you will be informed what information you will need to share in order to perform login.

Once you click approve, you will be prompted to scan your biometric. In case biometric was not set up on a mobile device, you will prompted to enter a PIN code.

4. Activity

Activity is a section where you will see information about various application activity, such as adding a new email address, or logging into an application.

5. Settings

In the settings section you will be able to set up your application security settings and get information about application version and your decentralized identifier (DID).

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