What is idemeum?

idemeum offers one place to manage access to your applications and infrastructure, without passwords.

What is idemeum?

What do we do?

idemeum is a zero trust platform to manage access to your applications and infrastructure, without passwords.

For your employees idemeum can automatically create SaaS accounts and offer one-click centralized access to applications, regardless if they are public SaaS or in your private cloud behind a firewall. For your engineers, idemeum offers unified passwordless access to your infrastructure, including servers, RDP desktops, databases, and more.

We offer a unique platform that combines Privileged Access Management (PAM), Workforce Identity (IAM), and Passwordless technology. Instead of deploying a VPN to access your private cloud apps, Single Sign-On to access your SaaS apps, PAM solution to access your infrastructure, and MFA to secure access, idemeum combines all of that in one platform.

What are the actual products?

Secure Remote Access

Replace legacy VPN with modern zero trust solution to access on-premises applications, SSH servers, RDP desktops, and Kubernetes clusters.

Passwordless Single Sign-On

Automate employee onboarding and centralize one-click access to cloud applications from anywhere on any device.

Password Vault

Cloud powered yet zero-knowledge password vault to securely store, share, and fill your credentials across company resources.

Universal Passwordless MFA

Eliminate passwords for everything your employees access – SSO apps, Wi-Fi, VPN, desktops – and replace them with biometrics.

How can we help your business?

We designed the platform to be modular, so that you can deploy only what you need, or benefit from integrated platform. Here is how we can help your business:

  1. Consolidate identity stack to save money - instead of deploying separate products for PAM and IAM, you can leverage our cloud-based unified platform to access and manage your applications and access to privileged resources.
  2. Secure company by making access to any resource passwordless - with our Universal Passwordless MFA you can offer your employees seamless biometrics-based access to applications, desktops, Wi-Fi, VPNs, and infrastructure resources. We support integration with pretty much any resource.
  3. Manage your cloud applications - with our Single Sign-On and Automated Provisioning you can automate account creation for onboarding and offer your employees one-click centralized access to any application from any device.
  4. Secure company passwords - with zero-knowlege vault you can securely store, share, and auto-fill passwords.
  5. Secure privileged access to infrastructure - with our modern Zero Trust Network access you can replace legacy VPN and secure access to infrastructure, including on-premises apps, SSH servers, RDP desktops, databases, and Kubernetes clusters.

Check our documentation to get more insigths about how our platform works.

How it works 🤔 | idemeum docs
One platform to manage access to applications and infrastructure, without passwords