All-in-One Passwordless Identity Platform

Learn what we are building at idemeum and how we plan to achieve our vision.

All-in-One Passwordless Identity Platform

As we outlined in the previous post, idemeum is a passwordless private digital identity platform. We dream the world where identity becomes passwordless, portable, and private.

What is it?

People can use identity they create with idemeum to securely and privately access corporate and personal resources. No passwords, no sign up forms, no hassle - set up once and use anywhere it is supported.

idemeum platform provides 3 services:

  1. One click login - simplest form of authenticating idemeum users into web, native, and mobile applications. Developers leverage simple SDK and incorporate passwordless one-click login into application in minutes. Passwords are gone forever. One click login leverages asymmetric crypto key pair to authenticate users.  
  2. Biometric login - seamless authentication coupled with security of biometrics. Developers leverage simple SDK to redirect to idemeum, and we handle all the complexity of registering and authenticating users with their biometrics. Biometric login is based on FIDO2/Webauthn behind the scenes.
  3. Login with idemeum app - most secure, and most importantly 100% private authentication method. Your phone becomes your personal identity hub - all  identity claims and information are stored in the idemeum app only. We have zero PII in our backend. Authentication with idemeum app is multi-factor as it uses phone (something you have) and on-device biometric sensor (something you are). Also, idemeum app has identity verification built in, to make sure users can access services where identity proofing is required.

Application developers can integrate idemeum SDK and choose how they want to authenticate users based on their requirements - one click or biometric login. These two flows provide the least possible friction while eliminating passwords for good.

Users on the other hand can decide for themselves - do they want to leverage application-less form of authentication (one click or biometric login) or they want to maintain 100% privacy and install idemeum app. From the user experience standpoint all idemeum services are connected, as there is only one user identity, and can be used interchangeable based on what users want.

Who is Passwordless Platform for?

There are 3 major stakeholders for idemeum passwordless platform:

  1. Users
  2. Application developers
  3. Enterprises

Let's see how they can all benefit from using idemeum.

What's in it for users?

idemeum value proposition for users is that their digital identity becomes passwordless, portable, and private.

  1. No passwords - no more forgotten credentials, password managers, locked or compromised accounts. idemeum leverages biometrics and device certificates to sign up and log users in.
  2. Portable identity - regardless of what service is used (one-click, biometrics, of mobile app) idemeum identity is portable across online services. No more endless account / password combinations. With idemeum app portability reaches the next level - users can use same identity across enterprise and consumer apps.
  3. 100% privacy - with idemeum mobile app users are empowered to manage and control digital identity. When the idemeum app is set up, all identity information is stored on a mobile device only - zero PII information in our backend.

What's in it for application developers?

idemeum value proposition for application developers is to increase conversion, boost security, and simplify identity management.

  1. Increase conversion - passwords are the most significant source of onboarding and conversion funnel friction. Removing passwords reduces the number of steps for users to sign up for an application. This has the potential to increase conversion rates by 54%.
  2. Boost security - weak passwords actually account for 81% of all security breaches, since over 59% of people reuse their passwords everywhere. It is also estimated that about half a million passwords are leaked per year. App developers can eliminate the target that all attackers are after, safeguard user data, and reduce the risk of dealing with cyber breach consequences.
  3. Simplify identity management - idemeum integrates in minutes. Use simple SDK to redirect all authentication flows to idemeum. We will handle it all - onboarding users, verifying claims, handling FIDO registration, and doing recovery. We make it simple to integrate and easy to use.

What's in it for enterprises?

idemeum value proposition for enterprises is to reduce IT time and costs dealing with passwords, streamline user onboarding, and reduce identity fraud.

  1. Reduce IT time and costs - idemeum eliminates passwords end to end. Not just for authentication, but also for registration. No more help desk tickets and password resets. Employees get convenience of a mobile phone paired with the security of asymmetric cryptography. Highly usable, highly secure.
  2. Streamline onboarding - idemeum eliminates the need to distribute credentials to users. The onboarding is employee driven - ask them to download and set up idemeum app. That is all. No more trainings, lengthy and complex manuals for employees, or insecure enrollment methods.
  3. Reduce identity fraud - idemeum has identity verification built-in. We follow NIST guidelines and provide IAL level 2 assurance of employees' real identities. Enterprises can trust every login attempt and know exactly who is accessing their resources.

idemeum becomes all-in-one Passwordless Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution for enterprise employees. No need to have separate MFA, magic links, OTP codes, or passwords anymore. Employees save hours by experiencing faster login speeds and enjoy seamless authentication flows.

When is it available? ⏰

We are launching 🚀 soon!

Stay tuned for more information and blog posts.


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