Aug 29, 2021 2 min read

What is idemeum passwordless login experience like?

What is idemeum passwordless login experience like?

See some quick demos of how it feels to login with idemeum without any passwords.

Almost everything is digital today. Education, healthcare, e-commerce and the myriad of other online services we use daily. What is more, we got accustomed to having a convenience of accessing all these services from anywhere we are and from any device we have. As a result, identity becomes a cornerstone of enabling our digital experience, as every service needs to know who we are.

Identity experience can be great, meaning you do not notice it and it just works, or it can make things very bad and introduce significant user friction. At idemeum we designed passwordless login experience with simplicity and cross platform support in mind.

Whether you are launching a SaaS application on desktop Chrome, or accessing Salesforce on mobile Safari, or launching Google Drive native application on iPhone - it is still seamless login experience with minimal user interaction and security of biometrics.

Let's take a look at some examples of how login experience might work for your users.

Desktop browser application login

When employees access corporate applications on desktop, login can be performed in the following ways:

  1. Scanning QR code with idemeum mobile application - the very first time user is accessing the corporate application portal, she needs to scan the QR code with idemeum mobile app and approve login with biometrics.
  2. Approving mobile push notification - after the first login idemeum will store user cookie in the browser, and all subsequent login requests will be in the form of push notifications to the mobile device.

Each login becomes a Multi Factor Login, as it is leveraging biometrics and certificate that is securely stored on a mobile device.

Mobile browser application login

Accessing SaaS applications from your mobile browser is also very simple. idemeum offers two mechanisms to login on mobile devices:

  • URL scheme - when accessing an application users will see login with idemeum button. Upon clicking on that button, users will be redirected to idemeum app to authenticate. Once authenticated, users can navigate back to the original application.
  • Approving mobile push notification - similar to the experience on desktop, idemeum can store cookies in mobile browser and perform simple push notification to request user authentication.

Native application login

idemeum also supports seamless login for when users access native applications on mobile devices. Oftentimes native applications are using a web view, therefore the experience will be similar to that of a mobile browser.

idemeum is a Passwordless Application Management platform. Our vision is to enable a single place for business to manage any SaaS application.

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